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Service Portfolio

AZO's specializes in building and maintaining international innovation networks that enable it to support product innovations and company foundations with a focus on the commercial use of space technologies and infrastructures.


We offer business incubation at four locations in Bavaria for start-ups using space technology, applications, and services in a non-space environment.


AZO has developed comprehensive expertise in organising international ideas competitions, including the worlds leading innovation competitions for space applications. We foster the development of innovative products and services in various high-tech domains.


In the App Camps, selected app developers are invited to work with like-minded people, learn how to integrate satellite data into their mobile applications, and gain insight into Europe's space programmes.


AZO has profound experience in organising conferences, other events and dedicated one-to-one business matchmakings in cooperation with key stakeholders in politics, research, and industry.

Current Projects

With our current activities, we foster the development of innovative products and services along the entire value chain - from initial ideas all the way to market maturity - in various high-tech domains such as: satellite navigation, Earth observation, service robotics, laser photonics, and the new space economy.


Over the past decade, AZO has set up a leading global network of innovation and expertise, including leading research facilities, institutions and industry, as well as startups and award-winning entrepreneurs. The close collaboration with our associated partners, enables us to promote innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit along the entire value chain for the benefit the citizens of Europe and beyond.